Kathy H. Witt


Sheriff Kathy H. Witt

150 N. Limestone, Suite 265
Lexington, KY 40507
TEL: 859-252-1771
FAX: 859-259-0973
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Court Security Division

Office of the Fayette County Sheriff

The Court Security Division is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of the Robert F. Stephens Courthouse Complex while providing a safe environment for the hundreds of thousands of people who enter the courthouse complex on an annual basis. The Court Security Division facilitates and maximizes the efficiency of all security functions within the courthouse complex. The Court Security Division is responsible for providing protective services to the five Circuit Court judges, four Family Court judges, and the five District Court judges as well as any visiting members of the judiciary.

The deputies in this division must also maintain the decorum of the courtroom while ensuring all parties present are in compliance with the basic rules and guidelines of the courtroom. Providing for security and safety within the Robert F. Stephens Courthouse Complex involves highly skilled law enforcement officers who receive extensive training in dealing with persons in a courteous, professional manner from those who have never been convicted of a crime to those individuals convicted of the most heinous of crimes. Deputies, Certified Court Security Officers, and Facility Screeners are required to maintain excellent customer service and people skills, which complement their law enforcement skills and training.